2016 AAMFT-CA 6th Annual Division Conference

San Francisco State University

February 26 & 27, 2016

Dimensions of Cultural Diversity in Couples and Families: Race, Gender, and Social Justice

The conference covered two days of of workshops and presentations by leaders in the field discussing cultural diversity in therapy. This year’s conference was the best year yet, with a record number of abstract submissions and world-renowned experts.


See more photos from the Conference below.

Some of our program highlights included:

Friday, February 26, 2016
Keynote Speaker: Robert-Jay Green, PhD.
Minority stress and resilient coping: Lessons from therapy with same-sex couples

Saturday, February 27, 2016
Keynote Speaker: Kiran Arora, PhD.
Unapologetic Activism: Embracing Social Justice in Family Therapy

Saturday All Conference Workshop
Parenting While Genderqueer: Identities, Intersection, and Invisibility,
Kimberly Alston-Stepnitz

Panel Discussion
Emerging Issues in Race, Gender and Social Justice

Stacie Hiramoto, MSW,
Racial & Mental Health Disparities Coalition (REMHDCO) Jessica ChenFeng, MFT,
CSUNorthridge MFT faculty
Tim Baima, Ph.D
Syracuse University, Clinical Training Director,
Palo Alto University

Some of our Friday and Saturday workshops include:

Social Justice, Cultural Competency, and Self of the Therapist
Ways of working with gender: The gender-affirmative model in theory and practice
Straight Therapist – Gay Couple Queer Thinking in Couples Therapy
Diverse Couples = Diverse Sexuality
Journey of Latino Immigrants to the United States: Possible Effects including Transgenerational Trauma Promoting Cultural Competence in Working with Asian American LGBTQ Youth and Families Overcoming Oppression Through Community Cultural Wealth Resources
On the Experience of Being Mixed: a Juxtaposition of Pride and Shame
Foundational Components for LGBTQ+ Cultural Competency in CFT and Clinical Training Programs: An

Experiential Workshop

Communication Patterns in Indian-American Immigrant Families: Lessons Learned About Intergenerational Relationships

Issues of Oppression as Central to Therapeutic Process

Latino Parents Raising Children During Heightened US Immigration Enforcement: What MFTs Can Do to Support These Families

Pursuing Social Justice in the Treatment of Underserved Populations

Client-Centered Advocacy in Marriage and Family Therapy: Clinical Application and Training Considerations

Silent Clients: An exploratory examination of research viability regarding the needs and considerations of Deaf couples in psychotherapy

Treating Involuntary Clients: Considering Issues of Social Justice and Cultural Diversity

Los Angeles, The World Wide Web and Raising Multicultural Awareness

Childfree Women and W.O.M.B. in Counseling

Size Acceptance & Health at Every Size for MFTs

Addressing the challenges and advantages faced by bilingual therapists providing psychotherapy to culturally diverse client population.

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