AAMFT-CA Newsletter, Fall 2016


November 2016


Letter from the Presidentphoto_angelankahn_large
Angela Kahn, LMFT

Autumn marks a change in seasons, a slowing down; a “chilling out” if you will. I come to you now, a changed woman: I have a deeper understanding of the importance of family than ever before.

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Clinical Corner: A Glimpse into Jennifer’s Worldphoto_jenniferwalker_large
Jennifer Walker, LMFT

Many creative types and less conventional people tend to feel misunderstood and judged. Societal norms severely influence people, and the pressures can be painful or overwhelming.

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The Good Fight: Big Legislative Wins for MFTsphoto_ben_large
Benjamin E. Caldwell, PsyD

MFT services are now reimbursable at FQHCs and RHCs. MFTs who passed state licensing will be eligible to work at the VA. And, trainees can treat minors who independently consent for treatment.

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Fall Gala a Success
graphic_gala_largeOlivia Loewy, Ph.D.

The AAMFT-CA Annual Gala supports our efforts to provide quality training, influence state legislative and regulatory decisions and collaborate with exceptional colleagues,including this year’s remarkable honorees.

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Annual Conference Coming Up Fast
Save the Date

Theme: “WORKING WITH COUPLES IN THE 21st CENTURY.” MFTs will can gain critical insight & resources that help clients navigate increased demands on relationships within a rapidly changing world.

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Land the Job!
Get Started Today

Current and soon-to-be MFT interns, get the inside track to securing a job in this highly competitive MFT market!

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photo_melanie_largeNote from the Editor
Melanie Carlton, LMFT

Hello Members!

While for some change might feel uncomfortable, I urge you to embrace what lies ahead because in doing so you can help shift our membership into something much greater.

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