AAMFT-CA Online Certification Programs

“The training actually exceeded my expectations. The materials were very well-presented, significant and thorough. The format was extremely user-friendly, and would welcome more certifications in this venue. I will and have recommended this certification to my colleagues.”

AAMFT-CA Division is the professional MFT association in California that has the resources to prepare you for the future. As such, the AAMFT-CA Pre-Licensed Certification programs have been developed to give you an “edge” in tomorrow’s marketplace.

  • AAMFT-CA has developed certification courses that provide unusually in-depth curricula not usually provided by online courses.
  • These courses provide ample tools and information to help the clinician provide competent, appropriate and ethical therapy for their clients.
  • The materials provide a wide range of therapy styles, viewpoints and modalities designed to help the clinician utilize multiple intervention approaches.
  • Courses provide a wide variety of material, from case studies to video presentations.
  • Courses are designed to be completed at the clinician’s individual pace. Each course can be paused and resumed easily and efficiently.
  • Courses are priced competitively, and address unique issues not easily found elsewhere. Presenters have been assembled for their expertise and recognized contributions in their specific fields.


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This 30-hour Certification is an important addition to the growing field of LGBT affirmative psychotherapy and a vital service to the profession and those we serve.

Presented By AAMFT-CA and The MATRIX Institute

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This 14-hour Curriculum is self-paced and consists of a basic text and seven hours of original streaming video content by internationally renowned presenters in the field of addiction.

Cost:  $100 for the Pre-Licensed certification.
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