AAMFT-CA Division

In January, 1993, the Northern California Division for Marriage and Family Therapy and the Southern California Division for Marriage and Family Therapy merged to form one statewide organization that is now called American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, California Division (AAMFT-CA).

Although AAMFT-CA is incorporated as a separate entity, this state based association operates technically in accordance with the regulations of the charter agreement and philosophically as an extension of the AAMFT Central Office. As such, the benefits and resources provided by AAMFT-CA supplement what is offered to all AAMFT members. Additionally, AAMFT-CA Division leaders attend bi-yearly AAMFT Leadership Training; utilize the services of Central office staff and board members for resources and assistance; and designate Division direction based on AAMFT guidance.

The national support capacity provided by this close alignment with AAMFT and the opportunity to contribute to the evolution of our profession in a far reaching and encompassing manner distinguishes AAMFT-CA as a visionary and cutting edge state level association.


AAMFT-CA Mission Statement

  • to promote the identification, practice and the integrity of the profession of marriage and family therapy
  • to achieve parity with other mental health providers
  • to encourage professional excellence amongst marriage and family therapists
  • to assure ethical practice and benefit to the society which we serve

Beyond serving as the national association Division in California, AAMFT-CA is dedicated to understanding and working with both the unique potential and the challenges that are a part of the MFT professional culture in California.  The CA Division’s Vision, Core Values and Strategic Plan reflect our commitment to advancing and shaping the MFT profession in California.



  • AAMFT-CA will grow and gain recognition based on its own merit.
  • AAMFT-CA will establish an organized, internal structure in which resources are strategically allocated to achieve and uphold objectives that have emerged from within a designated set of core values.
  • AAMFT-CA will develop into an association in which active, on-going communication with membership will promote programs driven by relevancy, involvement, diverse membership representation and collaborative efforts.
  • AAMFT-CA will distinguish itself as the state association that embodies, in partnership with AAMFT, the national support capacity to advance and unify the profession on a broad scope basis.


Core Values

  • Embodying a culture of openness and inclusion
  • Excellence in service to members
  • Excellence in the provision of Marriage and Family Therapy services
  • Excellent and distinct training in Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Honoring diverse needs in clinical practice, research, education and administration
  • Integrity evidenced by ethical and honest behavior
  • Promoting innovation and advancing knowledge of the profession.
  • Promoting Marriage and Family Therapy as a separate and distinct theoretical orientation of clinical practice


Strategic Plan



The MFT profession will be comprised of and known as competent, ethical, clinically informed and relationally based mental health professionals.  This includes: 1. Dissemination of the MFT culture. 2.  Targeting current and future licensees, educational infrastructures (faculty and students), regulatory environment, employer base (mental health system), payers and the public.


MFT’s will share a unified identity and common understanding of the core scope and practice of Marriage and Family Therapy.


  1. Provide a national perspective for the BBS
  2. Build commitment and professional identity among MFT licensees
  3. Build community among faculty of MFT training programs
  4. Build commitment and identity among MFT students.
  5. Build commitment and professional identity among MFT interns.


Public, payers and employers will respect and utilize MFT’s.

  1. Represent MFT’s at state level mental health policy and programs.
  2. Increase public and payer’s awareness of MFT’s as uniquely qualified, comprehensive mental health professionals
  3. Increase employment opportunities for MFT’s in public mental health.


AAMFT- CA will be known as the link with the profession on a national level.


  1. Build a strong collaborative relationship with AAMFT and promote the strengths of the California Division’s affiliation with AAMFT to membership, public/private policy makers, and the general public.
  2. Build a strong collaborative relationship with other professional mental health organizations.



  1. Recruit and develop a diverse group of new organizational leaders throughout AAMFT-CA
  2. Increase opportunities for membership participation
  3. Provide educational opportunities and services that enhance members’ abilities to practice effectively (as acknowledged by members).
  4. Create diversity in membership by building confidence within the association that AAMFT-CA is an open and inclusive culture.