Preparing for Healthcare Reform

AAMFT-CA Division:  Original Resources

AAMFT-CA Division is uniquely positioned to take our members into their professional futures.  In California, we actively participate in shaping the role of MFTs within evolving systems of care through our leadership roles in state policy and regulatory endeavors.  Whether in state level planning initiatives or in Sacramento advocacy efforts, our input is solidly guided by clinicians, educators and supervisors who contribute their “lived experience” and practical considerations to the decision making process.

While we work to educate state leaders in healthcare about the skills, training and knowledge of MFTs, we continue to learn about the evolving systems and how to prepare our members for participation and employment in them.  Based on what we have learned, AAMFT-CA has developed cutting-edge training programs and educational resources to give you the extra knowledge and credentials that will serve you in your future professional pursuits, including:

For Graduate School, County and Community Agency programsThe Transforming System:  A Handbook for Understanding the Changes in California Community Mental Health.

  • This text is a comprehensive and practical resource that can be utilized by educators and supervisors to address the evolving changes in healthcare delivery systems.

For Clinical Supervisors:  The Transformed Supervisor:  Clinical Supervision in California Public Mental Health. 

  • A one-day training course that provides guidance for clinical supervisors working with interns in Recovery-Oriented treatment settings. (6 Supervision CE)

For Clinicians, Students and Interns who wish to acquire the extra knowledge and skills that employers in the new systems of care will be seeking:

  • LGBT Affirmative Therapy Certification:  This remarkable certification program provides a comprehensive and specialized focus relevant to working with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender populations.  (36 CE) 
  • Substance Use Disorder Certification:  Healthcare reform will create comprehensive systems of care that combine primary and behavioral health services.  Behavioral health combines substance abuse and mental health services.  This curriculum was developed in partnership with the MATRIX Institute and leads to AAMFT-CA certification. (20 CE)