Naveen Jonathan, PhD, LMFT, is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Marriage & Family Therapy Program at Chapman University in Orange, CA. He is also the Clinic Director at the Frances Smith Center for Individual & Family Therapy also located on the campus of Chapman University in Orange, CA.

Naveen is the current President for the California Division of AAMFT. He has served as Treasurer for the AAMFT-CA Division Board. He also has been a District Leader in the Inland Empire and Orange County Districts. Naveen currently serves on the Orange County District Leadership Team. Nationally, Naveen has also served on the AAMFT National Board and served as chair of the National Elections Council for AAMFT. Naveen’s research interests and publications cover topics pertaining to working with multicultural communities, LGBT populations, couples issues pertaining to gender equality, power and attunement along with divorce and its effects on the family. Naveen is also a California licensed Marital & Family Therapist and in private practice in Santa Ana, CA called Santa Ana Community Counseling. He also supervises an MFT Intern at his practice.

“My vision as president includes, engaging the members of our division in a very active manner. My plans include a monthly President’s Letter that will be sent to the membership, informing them of the activity of the Board and also sharing ways that members can become actively involved in the work of the division. As President, I also commit to making a visit to each District at least once this year to meet with members. I also will be inviting members to write letters to the Board around various issues that they would like the Board to be aware of and consider. Another part of my vision focuses on working with the board to develop ways to showcase the amazing work that we do as AAMFT-California Division, with educators, community mental health agencies, advocacy initiatives, being a premier educational source to our members, and having an active voice in the changing mental health landscape in California. On the level of the Board with its process, my focus includes focusing on ways that we can build structure and efficiency with the development of board committees that have an Organizing Document that outlines policies and procedures for the committee. A further component of this focus also, includes developing a culture of mentorship for Board Officer Positions and also Committee Chairs for continuity of the excellent work that these committees do. Members of the Division will also be invited to be a part of these committees to provide an important voice to the work that each committee will be involved in. Finally my vision includes continuing to strengthen our relationships with AAMFT as well as other mental health organizations in the state.”

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